Breakdown Services, Ltd. is the communications network and casting system that provides the most comprehensive and professional means to reach talent agents as well as actors when casting a project. In 1971 Breakdown Services started by delivering casting information to talent agents overnight via messenger. Today's Breakdown Service delivers casting information instantly via the Internet.

Breakdown Services has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver and maintains affiliate relationships with sister companies in Toronto, London and Sydney. With clients in most regions of the USA and Provinces of Canada our reach extends throughout North America.

Phone Numbers for Breakdown Services' offices are:

Los Angeles 310.276.9166

New York 212.869.2003

Vancouver 604.943.7100

Breakdowns are complete synopses of the characters contained within scripts. Our staff writers read scripts provided by casting directors and create approximately 30 television and feature film Breakdowns every day. Breakdowns approved for release are sent out REALTIME through our website at Talent Representatives are able to instantly view the Breakdowns and submit their clients' pictures, resume and videos via our website to casting directors.

Breakdowns that are released to talent representatives include episodics, pilots, feature films, movies for television, commercials, print projects, theater, student films, industrials, reality tv, and many other types of projects that require acting talent.

Breakdown Express is how talent representatives submit their talent via the Internet and how casting views submissions of pictures, resumes, and videos. The site is organized to allow casting directors to review submissions and create audition schedules that notify talent representatives instantly.

Actors Access is how you can release your projects directly to actors. Actors view projects via Actors Access. It is entirely up to the casting director whether a Breakdown is released to actors or just to talent representatives. Submissions for both talent representatives and actors are viewed by the casting director on Breakdown Express. Actors Access is also an important tool for actors since they can upload new pictures, update their resume and add new skills and attributes to their profile, all online.

Extras Access is our new resource, now serving the Background/Extras community providing a fully integrated nation-wide online submission system between casting and Background actors through Breakdown Express. Extras casting can now post their Background Breakdown and Background actors can submit/respond to casting instantly online via Extras Access.


Sides:   Showfax provides actors with Sides. Since 1993, our Showfax division has been the number one resource online for distributing sides to actors. Don't forget to post your sides on Showfax when you need sides distribution. There is no charge to do so. Fast, easy, efficient, Showfax will see to it that talent and representation receive your sides as well as any updated or revised sides. Sides distribution has never been easier or more convenient. Contact Showfax sides processing during office hours Mon-Fri 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific time at (310) 385-6936 or by email 24/7 to

POSTING SIDES:   If you are ready to send in your sides for posting, you can do so by fax or by email. The fax number to fax the sides to is 310-385-6932 or outside Los Angeles toll free 800-248-0087. If by email, email your sides to As noted, the direct sides processing voice phone line is 310-385-6936

Scripts:   Screenplay Online is our digital delivery service for distributing full scripts to representation as well as talent. Whether across town or across the world, Screenplay Online makes it possible to get your scripts delivered almost instantly. Contact Screenplay Online at Showfax during office hours Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific time at (310) 385-6920 or by email 24/7 to

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